May 2012 – Sidran Institute announces a partnership Toolwire ( to develop the online version of Risking Connection® (RC) using Toolwire Learnscape immersive learning simulations to help mental health and social services professionals work with trauma survivors (including Veterans and those suffering from physical and sexual violence) in ways that will reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing.

Toolwire Learnscapes are “Day-in-the-Life” simulations that immerse students in photo-realistic settings with interactive video-characters and engaging storylines. Launch is expected in late September.

March 2012 – Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy has accepted the most recent article on RC research for publication, titled, "Risking Connection trauma training: A pathway toward trauma-informed care in child congregate care settings." The authors examine the impact of the curriculum-based Risking Connection® trauma training as delivered by Klingberg Family Centers on the knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors of 261 staff trainees in 12 trainee groups at five child congregate care agencies.

February 2012 – EPower & Associates has begun an agency-wide implementation effort with Walden Sierra in Maryland, providing Risking Connection® training and a T3 (train the trainer) program to support them in adopting the model for use in their residential, outpatient and community based programs. Public salons are part of the process along with support in terms of communication tools, job aids, and a review of policies, programs, and facilities.

Jan 2011 – Sidran’s flagship trauma-informed care program, Risking Connection®, is the intervention for King County WA's five year SAMHSA Transformation to Trauma-Informed Care grant. Authorized provider EPower & Associates, Inc. of Nashville, TN will work with King County on training, transfer of skills, and peer group training development.

Nov 2010 – Dr. Bonnie Green, Ph. D., Georgetown University and Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. presented a poster session on the NIMH R34 grant to use a short-form adaptation of Risking Connection with Primary Care Providers in low income clinics. The session was part of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies' International Conference in Montreal QE.